Psy295's Kannazuki no Miko Tv Review

Rated: 7

Value-The music is something obviously worth watching the series for. I would of just watched the series to watch and hear the OP/ED. Other than that the series is filled with nothing special, but comprised of soo many things that it is SURE to be something unforgettable.

Enjoyment-The first time I saw the series.. I stopped watching it after Five minutes. My friend then talked a lot about it and i decided to give it another try. I stopped watching after the first episode. A couple months later another friend was talking about the music, and i listed to Agony, Re-sublimity, and Suppuration and I was hooked. I finally decided to watch the series, and did so over a spaced out period of time.

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Psy295's BECK Tv Review

Rated: 8

This series is obviously valuable for being one of the rare series about music.. and they do a really good job.. the high points are for music, storyline, and the uniqueness of the series..

The music is really outstanding, for there are multiple times when they actually just have the characters perform in a concert or event, and the animation is average, which goes really well with how the series is revealed.

I finished this series in 3 days.. watching 10 episodes in the first day..This series was really fun because of how the characters change..and how the problems are solved..and there are quite a few I really like listening to the songs..

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Psy295's Paranoia Agent Tv Review

Rated: 9

-This story is a very good example of how a horror/mystery series should be like.. the music and animation help out the story to give the audience a very good feel of horror and mystery...
After each episode i was just like wow... I can totally see why this is horror/mystery.. and i always waited anxiously for the next scene to unfold.. while trying to guess what is going to happen.. This is a great series to kill time... or to just start on thinking about stuff.. This series hints at a lot of weird stuff.. but never really crosses the line physically...which makes it really fun to watch..

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